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MB-150 rockwell hardness tester
    This machine is a Rockwell hardness value for the determination of hard alloy, carburized steel, hardened steel, hard cast iron, aluminum alloy and malleable iron. The hardness value is displayed directly with the number, and the printer is connected to the printer. It is fully automated except for the test platform to remove the error of operation and reading. The Rockwell hardness of the 150# abrasive tool can be measured with the diameter of 3.175 steel ball. The rockwell hardness: 588,980,1471,(60),(100),(150).
    GB/T 230.1、GB 28011
    Maximum test force
    Indication precision
    Hardness test range
    HRC20~67 HRB25~100 HRA70~85
    Maximum allowable height
    Shape size
    Display mode
    Digital display (matching print) pointer
    About 110kg
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