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MB-7691 leather permeable tester
    20 degrees C and 65%RH this machine is in the specification of the test environment, and the upper shoe (including leather uppers and lining) characteristics of water vapour permeability.
    EN 344、ISO 8782-1-1998
    Test environment
    Temperature: 20°C, Humidity: 65% RH
    The diameter of the bottle mouth
    About ?30 mm
    Rotating speed of test disk
    75±5 cpm
    Specimen size
    ?34 mm
    Fan size
    3 pcs×90×75 mm
    Fan number
    3 pcs
    Fan angle
    Parallel to the axis of 120 degrees
    Fan speed
    1400 cpm
    Fan and specimen distance
    Maximum 15 mm
    Power supply
    1?, 220V
    Volume (W×D×H)
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